Rapid Economic Empowerment Challenge

Who is Thulamela Business Forum
Thulamela Business Forum (TBF) in a registered NPC Reg 2016/502992/08, formed by local entrepreneurs based in Thulamela region ,a rural are in the north of Limpopo. The forum was founded late 2015 and incorporated in late 2016.
Of the forum is to unite local business. Be the voice of local business
- increase local business participation in main stream economy
Mission statement
Building an economically vibrant community
Membership stands in access of 70 local entrepreneurs however the forum interacts with over 300 local business through its community and business engagements. Membership is voluntary and is composed by business from various sectors. The forum accommodates start-up business as well as established business. The developmental programs are targeted to the SMME in particular ,to capacitate them with access to information (enterprise development, business support, finance, land and markets). Thulamela Business Forum is recognized by local authorities as leading active business forum in the region. The forum regularly initiates actives and programs that create essential linkages between entrepreneurs and crucial player in the industry. TBF constantly engages other sector specific forum to gain insight of prevailing trends resulting in widened knowledge base within its business community. Giving TBF the ability to influence decisions in an informed manner.
What is the Business proposition
The forum is inviting you and your institution to participate in this exciting initiative that aims to
  • create at least 40 Entrepreneurial business opportunities
  • create/identify 2000 long term employment opportunities
  • in 200 days.
  • About the REEC initiative

    Rapid Economic Empowerment Challenge (REEC) is an initiative that aims to alleviate poverty by promoting activities that encourage economic inclusion. Through this initiative various opportunities will be exposed , providing the local community a chance to participate in main stream economic activities. The key strategy of this REEC is to create linkages between demand(need) of resources/services and the supply thereof. Consolidating various interventions and promoting collaboration using local service providers. Throughout the duration of the challenge numerous media will be deployed to market the extent and reach of projects. By so doing members of the community including the business community will be able to realign themselves to meet the prevailing needs in various industries. The challenge makes it is easy for businesses or large corporates to adopt as it is an easy mechanism that advocate existing CSI or supplier development programs an institution already has.
    The object
    This initiative is a challenge that is being set to identify & stimulate Rapid Economic empowerment activities , activities that will lead to sustainable economic growth in this region , thus the challenge is called Rapid Economic Empowerment Challenge (REEC). The REEC initiative is envisaged to commence end April 2018. You are here by being introduced to the base concept also invited to comment(input) on how best your institution can participate. We trust this invite provides you with adequate time to plan your involvement in this initiative. Please direct all question and comments to Email :ThulamelaBusiness@gmail.com subject: REEC 2018 Planning Tel: 072 652 7128  
    40 Entrepreneurial Business opportunities
    The forum seeks to secure at least 40 business opportunities in favor of local businesses operating in the Thulamela region. Through various engagement with co-operate & government , the forum will source and identify real attainable sustainable business opportunities , of which local entrepreneurs will be exposed to those business opportunities through various media. Your institution can pledge its support by creating a set number of business opportunities where small enterprises can get business for period exceeding 6 months. These opportunities could take a form of
    • Fix term contracts
    • As and when required
    • Business venture, outsource or partnership
    • Investment or empowerment deal
    • Supplier
    • Special event etc ..
    Ideally long term projects are desired as they will provide the desired impact as these project also provide for long term employment. Through this initiative we expect to create linkages where service providers or suppliers meet demand. There is a need to identify the expertise required and find matching skills from local business in order for us to realize meaningful economic growth in this region. The end result is that businesses will be able to save cost and time from acquiring services from local business. The appetite for entrepreneurship increase as more and more opportunities are exposed. The competitiveness of the this challenge will surely play an effective role in ensuring that, the quality of work or service is of high standard. It is in everyone’s interest to up skill and become more efficient so that businesses can be come more profitable by using local business.  
    2000 Jobs
    The forum seeks to identify & keep a registry of all employment opportunities (Jobs) that have been created during the set period of this initiative. A target of 2000 job opportunities have been set and it is highly attainable seeing that various companies can participate in this initiative. These employment opportunities can come as a result of partnerships with other organisations or institutions Your institution can pledge its support by identifying a number of employment opportunities requiring some skill set or be of some profession, that exists within your institution or that your institution may require someone to provide. This employment opportunity could be from fore seeable:
  • New development
  • Business expansions
  • Increased business
  • Localization of labor
  • Outsource services or consulting
  • Community engagement etc Through this exercise we would be able to identify which skill sets are required in the market and find matching personnel. Currently there is no real mechanism to match the skills requirement to the supplier of human capital in this region. The benefit will be, depending on the type of employment opportunity:
  • that the right person for the job will be employed.
  • Individuals can start preparing themselves for career paths that ordinarily they wouldn’t even know existed in this region.
  • maintain a database or pool of employable individuals The end goal apart from reducing unemployment is to ensure that we create long lasting stable employment opportunities. Maximise the full potential of the human resource available in this region to optimizing business processes thus producing profitable results. The wellbeing of society is proportional to dignity that it is being offered. Given the projection of human capital intensive projects earmarked for this region (SEZ & City status by 2030) it becomes clear that companies or business will need to adopt an employment strategy that will better position their business. This initiative provides your business that opportunity to manage your recruitment strategy and have a positive impact on the local community.
    200 Days.
    Rapid Economic Empowerment Challenge (REEC) is a challenge that puts business and government to the test for 200 days. The objective of this challenge is to consolidate all efforts from government and private sectors to create Business opportunities & Employment opportunities whether for community uplifting point of view or from a business process need. This challenge will be launched toward the end of April 2018 (21st April ) and will continue for 200 days (+- 7 months).Throughout the period of the challenge the will be a progress board that will be published through various media to highlight the progress being made ,updated at least once a monthly So all new business opportunities and new employment opportunities filled will be tallied. Only opportunities that are or can be taken up within the prescribed time frame will qualify (within the 200 days period). As you can see this is really an achievable task as it does not really demand a lot from your business. This initiative doesn’t necessarily require you to do additional budgeting however just to align your efforts with this initiative.  
    Requirements and FAQ
    Interested what next?
    Business or individual whom are interested in participating in this challenge must register their interest soonest. Its free and no obligation.
    How to register as a contributor
    Send an email to ThulamelaBusiness@gmai.coml subject REEC- Count me in. Provide a brief summary of how your business/company is envisaging to contribute eg
  • Business and/or Employment opportunities.
  • Estimated number of beneficiaries
  • Summary of requirements By registering early it allows the planning team to determine possible linkages early and increasing the possibility of fulfilling the requirements quickly.
    How much do I need to invest
    There is no real need to invest more than what you have already budgeted for. In fact by participating in this initiative there are cost saving factors. Due to nature of this initiative (collaborative) there will be a lot of resource where by your institution will be able to leverage from.
    What does it cost to participate as business?
    There are no financial requirements for a business to participate in this challenge. That is for a business to be included or listed as a participant contributing towards that attainment of this challenges goals does not come with a fee. I would like to sponsor this initiative, how can I do that? TBF welcomes this gesture ,as it shows deep concern on the current status quo and willingness to make a meaning full contribution in improving the quality of life. There are 3 main way to sponsor
  • None –financial support- This is when you offer/dedicate various none financial resources toward the implementation and realization of the goal of REEC. o Workshops o Training o Strategic engagements o Work space o Utilization of asserts eg Vehicles, warehouse, equipment, airtime o Marketing and advocacy platform
  • Financial support – This is when you provide special enabling funds toward the attainment of the REEC objectives and goals. The application of funds could be specified or unspecified generally funds will be used for: o Administrative activities o Marketing and advocacy o Workshoping & training o Special projects enabling o Roadshow
  • Sponsor a capital intensive project- This could be a sponsorship to develop a mini process plant, Donation of processing or manufacturing equipment Needless to say. Base on the value of the sponsorship the donor/sponsor can elect to be included (logo) on applicable media as a proud sponsor and support of the REEC initiative. Most media print/digital will be prepared/produced 30days before commencement of the initiative. Ideally contact TBF early with any proposal to get maximum exposure.
    What media are going to be deployed?
    Throughout the campaign of the REEC various medias would be used to
  • create an awareness
  • highlight opportunities
  • Broadcast stats via a progress board
  • Stimulate interaction and engagement This medias will include print media, social networks (including internet based), radio and community network channels etc
    Which business opportunities qualify to be listed?
    Your institution can list any business opportunity provided it meets the following flexible criteria
  • Offer local businesses a genuine opportunity to subscribe or tender services
  • The work or commencement of project/contract should start anytime during the campaign period (200 days)
  • The work should provide reasonable income for a duration not less than 6 months (not limited to campaign period)
  • Promote skills transfer or local content Business opportunities that have been submitted or sourced will be distributed through the campaign communication channels. Multiple media platforms are in use to create greater awareness.
    Where are all these jobs going to come from?
    This initiative encourages business/private sector , together with the public sector (Government ), to collaborate with each other in order to realize the objectives of the REEC. Already most of these institution/business have preplanned various projects following their own internal processes. What the REEC is say is nothing new to any institution that has a genuine interest in uplifting the community , these institutions will not find it difficult to identify areas where there are opportunities to create this job within the 200 days? Collectively companies will pledge what they can offer to this initiative this will make up the 2000 Jobs. Some companies may pledge 2 opportunities (Contract or employment) other institutions may even have projects that would employee over 20 people. All they have to do is register their contribution (Click here) so that we know which opportunities are available during the set period. What is the process to be followed when create these job or opportunities? Most companies or institutions have developed their own internal process to deal with procurement and recruitment procedures. The REEC has no real requirement to ask this institution to deviate from their policies on procurement and recruitment. Rather the REEC offers the participating institution to extend their reach and provide greater transparency in their process. The important thing is that whatever opportunity that a company has identified internal just need to be register so that institution can be seen to be participating and contribute to the goals of this initiative.
    Which sectors are included in this initiative
    REEC covers all sectors. Please visit www.ThulamelaBuiness.co.za to find out which local businesses currently operate in this region which can benefit from your intervention. A process of identifying local business that can benefit from this initiative is in place and REEC strives to form sustainable linkages between industries & business. An opportunity exists need help find businesses to fulfill it. TBF network of entrepreneurs is growing by the day. TBF has an extensive database of entrepreneurs & businesses operating in the Thulamela region and Vhembe as a whole. Tell us (register) about the opportunity and we can help find suitable candidates. TBF will connect or link business that have a potential of trading with each other.
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